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Do you have the ambition to climb the highest mountain in South America?

It lies approximately 70° west and 32° south, just within Argentina but only 12 kilometres from the border with Chile.

This expedition is physically strenuous and a great challenge, with  high altitudes and extreme weather conditions making the going tough.

However, it is not technically demanding and is suitable for more adventurous people with experience of trekking and camping in remote mountain areas, as well as a good level of physical fitness. Above 6400 metres hard snow is sometimes encountered (varies from year to year). It is when you encounter these conditions that crampons and ice axe are needed.

Snow-covered areas tend to be short and intermittent (maybe 150 metres of crampon-wearing at a time) and gradients are typically around 30 degrees.

Fixed ropes are not used, and you will rarely be roped up. If at any stage you are very tired or unsure of your footing, a guide may short-rope you (ropes are provided by us). The final 200m of ascent to the summit is on loose scree and is very tiring but not in itself dangerous. Crampons and ice axe may only be used for one day on Aconcagua.

Peruvian Andes Adventures will be organising private climbing trips to Aconcagua for the 2010 season, with our own qualified, professional and trusted Peruvian UIAGM Mountain Guides leading the climbs.

Guaranteed private trips with personal attention to ensure safe climbing and give you the best possible chance to enjoy a successful expedition.

This page is currently under development and more photos will be posted so please check back to see if yours is the next jubilant face from reaching the summit!

Contact Anne direct for complete details on private climbing expeditions to Aconcagua.

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