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Peru Trekking and Climbing with Peruvian Andes Adventures

|| About Our Family Peru Treks Agency

Trek and climb with us in Peru. Trekking, hiking and climbing holidays in Peru with a fun, family atmosphere. Peru Trekking – your adventure of your lifetime!

We are a caring family operated Peru trekking agency with many years experience organising trekking, hiking and climbing tours in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Hauyhuash. Our agency is run by professional locals in Huaraz, Peru, with another office in New Zealand operated by our kiwi amiga and New Zealand business partner, Anne.

Our eithos is to have a strong family involvement in all aspects of the business as well as employing a strong team of experienced, dedicated and trusted employees.


Anne, Eli, Yovana, Vanessa, Mayumi and Hisao – our trekking guides family

We are internationally certified and qualified to the highest standard of mountain guides UIAGM. Our Peruvian trekking guides are English, German and Spanish speaking.

We respect & value all the staff who work with us & who contribute to ensuring that our clients have a wonderful holiday, trekking, hiking or climbing experience in the Peruvian Andes.

We choose to work with people who are not just “in it for the job” but who have genuine interest and enjoyment in providing quality service with a helpful & friendly attitude.

Our staff are qualified & licensed members of the respective associations that control their various professions & all staff participate in & contribute to our annual Peruvian Andes Adventures “In House Training & Quality Assurance Courses”.

Our dedicated team always “Goes The Extra Mile” to ensure a Superb Peru Holiday!

Recent clients have said this about our Peru Trekking & Climbing Teams:

Sam & Peter (USA) climbed Tocllaraju 2008: Peruvian Andes Adventures is a great guide company that provides a quality experience with great professional guides.

Juergen (Germany) trekked Santa Cruz & Climbed Pisco 2008: we had a wonderfull friendly crew

Barbara & Sam (USA) Huayhuash trek 2008: Eli and the crew went way out of their way to ensure that we had the best trip possible.

Harry (Canada) Huayhuash trek 2008: The guide and all the crew were absolutely

outstanding in every way. They worked very hard, everything was set up for us, and all the food was just great

Geoff (Canada) Alpamyo Trek 2008: All the crew were extremely pleasant, courteous and worked hard to look after us and  make it a really great trek.

Greg (USA) Santa Cruz trek 2008: Such professionally provided logistic details from Anne  is just the foretaste of the level of client focused service that you will experience with our friends at Peruvian Andes Adventures

Meet your trusted and experienced Peru Trek Guides and Team


Our “Kiwi” Amiga and Associate

Anne lives in New Zealand and is our family friend and business asscociate. Her nickname in Peru is “La Bruja” which means “The Witch” (because of the hair).

She enjoys the New Zealand outdoors, particularly tramping, hiking and kayaking.

Anne speaks Spanish and travels to Huaraz each year for trekking and climbing, and she knows the Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash and many of the local people very well.

She admits to being terrified when climbing, but is always ready for a challenge and can’t wait to be terrified again! Anne works with our trekking crews and helps with our administration when Hisao and Eli have escaped to the mountains and she can assist you with all your trekking or climbing enquiries.

You can contact Anne directly for information on our treks and climbs – Contact Anne or telephone in New Zealand +64 [0] 3 5424222 (evenings). Hablo español.


Owner and Chief Guide

UIAGM International Mountain Guide – Member Peruvian Mountain Guides Association.

Hisao lives in Huaraz and has 20 years experience guiding climbing and trekking groups in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash.

As well as being a UIAGM mountain guide he found time to obtain degrees in physicology and philosophy (useful attributes for a guide !!) He speaks fluent English and is studying German, and enjoys meeting people and making new friends from all over the world.

In 2003 Hisao had a 3 month working holiday in New Zealand picking apples and ‘tramping’ (backpacking) in the New Zealand mountains.

Hisao is in charge of administration at our Huaraz base, but prefers to escape to the mountains when he can.




Owner and Chief Guide

UIAGM International Mountain Guide Eli is Hisao’s older brother and also lives in Huaraz, Peru.

Eli has been climbing and guiding for 25 years and speaks good English.

He has climbed most of the Cordillera Blanca peaks, including Huascaran and Alpamayo many times and also several peaks in the Cordillera Huayhuash.

He says that his heart is in the mountains and he enjoys showing visitors and new friends around the mountains that are his home.

In his spare time he has been heard playing the Andean harp.

He is also the proud Dad of beautiful twin daughters.




“Master” Trek Guide, Leader and Organiser

We were very lucky in 2008 to have our uncle and great friend of Anne  Nestor Morales guide some groups for us.
Nestor is one of the most experienced guides & operators  in Huaraz and has an absolute wealth of knowledge about all the routes, mountains, history, plants, traditional medicine and much more.
Nestor has climbed almost all the peaks in the Cordillera Blanca and there is no part of the Cordillera Blanca or Cordillera Huayhuash that is unknown to Nestor.
Our clients appreciated very much Nestors patience, kindness, incredible knowledge, attention to detail and sense of humour.

Nestor is involved with his own agency, but he will have time in 2009 to lead more groups for us and  is also going to run some staff training courses for us and we are looking forward to working with him again in 2009.  Nestor speaks good English.




Trek Guide and cook

Mayumi is our only sister. She guides trekking trips for us, always with a great sense of humour and a lot of fun.

Clients with Mayumi never stop laughing and many return to Huaraz to take a trek with her a second time.

She is a very strong girl, and some of our male guides and staff have a hard time keeping up with her !!

When she is not guiding she is kept busy with her two children and is also studying English.






Peru Trekking and climbing guide

Rolando is our youngest brother. Like all our family, he was brought up trekking, ice climbing and has a special passion for rock climbing.

His nickname is “Mono” which is Spanish for monkey, because of the agile way he can climb on rock.

Rolando is an Aspirante UIAGM mountain guide, Member of the Peruvian Mountain Guides Association, and is training towards his UIAGM qualification.

He is a strong boy and can easily carry 30kgs plus up to high mountain camps, and does a great job of pulling Anne up mountains !!


|| Support Crew

Our Mum and Dad. Pablo and Isabella provide support and advice at home in Huaraz, endless meals for family and our crews, and always with a lot of fun and humour. Pablo was one of the pioneers of guiding climbing and trekking in the area, and was involved in several first mountain ascents with foreign expeditions


Our staff are not just employees to us, but are part of the Peru Trekking Climbing / Peruvian Adnes Adventures FAMILY.


|| Professional climbing & trekking guide

UIAGM – Member of International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations

Rodolfo (nickname “Spaghetti”) is a valued member of our team and a lead trekking & climbing guide for us.

Rodolfo comes from a family with a history of involvement in adventure tourism in the mountains and from a young age he was helping his father & brothers with trekking & climbing groups, learning climbing skills from his brothers who are also climbing guides.

Upon finishing his college education, Rodolfo studied at the House of Guides, culminating in achieving his UIAGM certification. Rodolfo lived in Scotland for 3 months where he studied English full time and later also lived in New Zealand for 6 months where he worked and experienced “Kiwi” culture and enjoyed the New Zealand outdoors. He speaks fluent English & enjoys helping his clients very much, whether it is to attempt a summit or to enjoy a trek.


|| Professional climbing & trekking guide

UIAGM – Member of International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations

Wilder is another young and energetic competent UIAGM mountain guide.

He speaks good English and this season he guided several climbing trips for us and ran climbing instruction courses on Vallunaraju. We look forward to working with Wilder in the mountains again next year.

Check out the comment from Wilders client, Trevor from the UK:

It was a real pleasure to be in the Cordillera in the company of such a group of professionals´s especially Wilder who was an excellent instructor and who´s patience and drive to push me really did ensure I  got the most out of my course!!


|| Secretary & Morales Guesthouse

In January 2009 we were delighted to welcome the “bubbly” Yessica to our team.  Yessica has studied trek tourism in the House of Guides and has previous experience working with a trek agency.  Yessica will be in charge of our busy office, meeting clients and helping them in Huaraz, organising tours and transfers and also guiding day hikes. Yessica will also be assisting clients in  Morales Guesthouse.  She likes to travel and enjoys trekking and camping, and enjoys making new friends. Yessicas speaks English. She is looking forward to meeting you and helping you in Huaraz.


|| Licensed Trek Guide

We have a great new trek guide, Miguel –  nickname “Gato” which means “cat”.

Miguel comes from a large family of brothers, all who are mountain guides or porters & he was brought up in the mountains. He has an ingrained knowledge of traditional life in the mountains, plants & animals that is unique to those who have inherited culture and history from their families and environment.
Miguel has been studying English and during the season his confidence with English improved so much that we now count him as one of our English speaking guides.
Miguel is very outgoing and friendly and many clients have enjoyed his company and commented to us about how caring he was, especially with clients who were not feeling well or were tired.


|| Professional Trek Guide / Aspirant Mountain Guide

David (nickname Condor)  is the older brother of our full time guide Rodolfo. He is Asprirant UIAGM mountain guide and a very experienced trek guide.
He has a wicked sense of humour and always goes “the extra mile” to make sure that his clients have a fantastic time, often taking clients out for a day fishing or for an extra tour or activity in his own time.

He used to own &  operate a passenger transport business but has now passed that on to his brothers to operate so that he can concentrate on full time guiding.

The most exciting moment of his career was falling into a crevasse when a large snow bridge collapsed under his feet in 2007, leaving him swinging some 15m down on the end of his rope. With his typical humour he said “it was the first time & I am not sure if I want to do it again”

He says that his English is “So So” but his clients tell us that his English is very good and he will be working for us in 2009 as an English speaking guide

Amy (UK) Santa Cruz trek 2008 said “ David was a great guide, relaxed and easy going, knowledgeable of the mountains, flexible in terms of our needs and fitness level (trekked at a good pace with plenty of short rests), felt we were in good hands”


Porter, Assistant Guide & Administration Assistant

Iber is multi talented, being one of our strongest climbing porters & assistant trek guide, assisting with administration at our base as well as cooking delicious breakfasts & helping guests in Morales Guesthouse. Iber is studying English & looks forward to practicing his English skills with you!


|| Based in Lima

Paul again did a great job in Lima for us, meeting clients at the airport, running them around the city and operating some Lima city tours, always reliable, courteous and helpful.
Paul is currently expanding his business and will be offering a wider range of city tours and some adventure tours next year.


Assistant Trek Guide and Administrator Manager

We were fortunate to welcome the delightful Vanessa to our staff in April 2017.

Vanessa comes to us from a background of tourism agency management and also has worked as a assistant guide with several experienced guides.

Vanessa has recently completed a degree in tourism and in 2017 she travelled with some of our trek groups as assistant guide so she knows the trekking routes well.

She also is a superb enthusiastic hiker and you may expect to see her out trekking helping as assistant guide.


Equipment & Store Manger and Trainee Cook

Orlando is Eli’s brother in law and is in charge of our equipment and food store, maintaining equipment and preparations for treks & climbs. He also often meets clients at the bus station or airport when they arrive in Huaraz and you can look for his friendly face there. Orlando is very interested in cooking and is currently participating in our trek cooks training course.


|| UIAGM mountain Guide

UIAGM  Member of International Federation of Mountain Guides Association.

Member Mountain Guides Association of Peru, Marco is a UIAGM professional international mountain guide, having qualified in 1999 following an assessment by Swiss instructors. He is a very experienced climber, and leads climbing and trekking groups for us.

Marco has extensive knowledge of local history, culture, plant and wildlife which he enjoys sharing with his clients. Marco speaks basic English.


||UIAGM International Mountain Guide
||Member Peruvian Mountain Guides Association

Walter is one of our most seasoned & experienced mountain guides. For him almost no mountain or route is impossible and there is almost no other guide who can surpass him at climbing technical routes. From an early age all he ever wanted to do was be climbing in the mountains, and he received good basic early training from his father who was one of the pioneering mountain porters in the Cordillera Blanca.
Walter is our expert on mountains such as Huascarán, Alpamayo and other technical peaks. Walter is studying English and has good basic English .


|| UIAGM International Mountain Guide

|| Member Peruvian Mountain Guides Association

Saul is another of our experienced UIAGM guides. From a young age Saul was working as a porter with trekking and climbing groups, then he went on to study to become a mountain guide at the Peruvian Mountain Guide School, and later passed the difficult 45 day assessment to become UIAGM international mountain guide.

Saul enjoys working with groups both trekking and climbing and knows very well all the trekking and climbing routes in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash. In his spare time he enjoys rock climbing. Saul is studying English and has good basic English .


|| Chief Cook

Esteban is a true magician in the camp kitchen. With only a 2 ring gas burner, he prepares delicious creations like pancakes, orange chicken, vegetarian pasties and even pizzas !! He is also a very experienced trekking guide and climbing porter and is one of our most valued and trusted people.


|| Business Advisor

Strengthening the KIWI influence in our Peru Trekking company, we welcome James.
We have been extremely fortunate to meet James who was with us in September 2008 trekking the Santa Cruz Ulta  and then climbing Ishinca, Pisco and undertaking an instruction course on Vallunaraju with Hisao & Rodolfo. James is a self employed business consultant, working in the banking & finance sector in central London and other countries on a contract basis in between travelling the world looking for adventure.   James kindly offered to lead us with some top professional business advice holding an informative  workshop with Hisao, Eli & Anne in Huaraz in September and we look forward to keeping in touch with James and implementing his innovative ideas in the next months and in the long term.


|| Trek Cook

Violeta has extensive experience as a chef in Huaraz restaurants and for many years was the chef in the House of Guides restaurant. We are now lucky to have Violeta working with us full time as a trek cook, cooking up fantastic meals with our trekking groups.
Her longest mission this year was a 20 day continuous trek in the Cordillera Huayhuash!  When not working with us Violeta tends her small farm, growing corn and potatoes and some 60 guinea pigs!


|| Trek Cook

Joining our growing company of women trek cooks, we welcome Lida.
Lida is another professional cook who when she is not working with our trek groups is a chef in a restaurant and also owns a small grocery shop.


|| High Mountain & Trek Cook and Experienced Climbing Porter

Jorge is the father of Walter, one of our top climbing guides. Jorge is another great cook and is a specialist in cooking for the high mountain.
In his earlier days he was known to be the strongest porter in the whole of Huaraz & has climbed several times Huascaran, Alpamayo, Chopicalqui, Tocllaraju & has also climbed in Bolivia.

He was lucky enough to be invited to be part of a Peruvian team that climbed in the Himalaya and it is said that the Sherpas were absolutely amazed at how strong & capable he was on the climb. We are now very lucky to have Jorge working with our climbing & trekking groups.


|| Trek and High Mountain Cook

And we have another great new cook! Marco is a restaurant chef who has turned his talents into producing varied and tasty trek meals. Clients this season told us that Marco has a true passion for cooking and is another *****5 start chef. Marco has a young family which keep him busy when he is not “cooking up a storm”.


|| Porter & Trainee Cook

Nickname “Ashcash” Rodolfo is one of our most experienced climbing porters, having climbed Huascaran, Chopicalqui, Tocllaraju and Pisco several times.

He also has a passion for cooking and has often worked with our groups as an assistant cook. He has just commenced a training course to become a trek cook – look out for Rodoldo cooking up special treats for you in 2009!

When he is not working with us, Rodolfo is a builder and a farmer, and is also busy looking after his three children.


|| General Assistant

The delightful young Josue started working with us last year during his school vacations and this year was back helping out Anne in the Cordillera Huayhuash. Josue is a firm favourite among our trekking clients, possessing a kind and caring attitude and a sense of responsibility way beyond his years.
Josue is about to enter university in Huaraz to study accountancy, but look out for his cheerful face on trek during the term breaks!


|| Cook and climbing porter

Cesar is in his late 20´s and has been cooking for trekking and climbing groups in Cuzco and Huaraz for many years, following completion of chef training in the Huaraz technical institute.  He also works cooking for large groups in Chile and Argentina after the Peru season has finished. Cesar is an experienced climber, and as well as cooking delicious and varied meals he works with us in the high mountains as porter and assistant climbing guide.Cesar is currently studying with the House of Guides to become a mountain guide as well as continuing studies at the Chef’s Institute in Huaraz.


We have a valued team of experienced, highly trained and strong climbing porters to assist you with your climbing adventures. All have accreditation and are licensed by the Association of Climbing Porters, and are well equipped with good quality climbing equipment and mountain clothing.

Peruvian Andes Adventures Porters Carrying Equipment to a High Camp


|| Arriero or Donky Driver

Victor is just one of our trusted arrieros (donkey drivers). He lives two days hike away from Huaraz in the mountain village of Colcabamba and works with us in the Cordillera Blanca. He has two children who he hopes to be able to send to univeristy in Huaraz one day. Victor is always happy and smiling, and works hard to make your holiday special.


||Arriero or Donkey Driver

Segundino is another of our many trusted and hard working donkey drivers. He lives in Llamac and accompanies us on Cordillera Huayhuash treks. He is also our local expert trout fisherman!

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