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Peru Trekking & Climbing with Pervian Andes Adventures: Special Interest Trekking

More ideas for a fantastic Peru Adventure!

We believe the enjoyment of this special area is for all people, not just for the super fast and hardened adventurers, so we have tailored special Peru trekking and hiking programs so that you see this beautiful area of Peru at your level of fitness and ability. From families with children to hardened adventurers, we can design the trip of a lifetime to suit your needs.

Contact Anne to tailor an adventure for you.

Peru Trekking Adventures for Seniors and 50 plus age group

Peru Trekking Adventures for Women and Families

Peru Trekking Adventures for College and School Groups

Mountain Rescue Training for College, Outdoors and Military Groups

Botanical Treks in the Peruvian Andes

Day Tours and Cultural Tours

Camping Trips

Horse Treks

& Llama Treks

and More!


With Mayumi in Quillcayhuanca Valley

We specialise in organising treks and climbs for more mature hikers and cater for single people, couples or larger groups. Age is no barrier, you just need to love the nature and mountains, and have a sense of adventure. We will design a tailor made trek / climb to suit your needs and level of fitness. Experienced guides will ensure that you enjoy our mountains, lakes, culture and history at your own pace and leave Peru with wonderful memories of the countryside and the people.

Spinning Wool (left) and UK Group On Huayhuash Pass (right)

Letter from Rosalie:

Leader of a group of 60 plus years olds from USA / Santa Cruz Trek:

Peruvian Andes Adventures was conducting several treks simultaneously but we felt we were the most important group.

Celebrating farewell dinner

From the owner, Hisao, our guides and crew, Anne, Mijumi, Maria and Jose to our donkey drivers, Xavier and Jose the emphasis was on making us feel welcome in their beautiful country and everything was done to give us the very best experience.

We thank you for making this marvelous adventure possible, and look forward to returning someday to Peruvian Andes Adventures and another trek.

Anne was an excellent guide and assisting her and responsible for meals were Majumi and Maria and Jose. We felt well taken care of from the beginning – our health and well being were paramount.

Anne’s advice on when to ride the horses, to take a day hike to acclimatize, breathing and conserving strength at altitude was practical and well taken. Maria and Mijumi had helpful tips for riding that horse. The donkey drivers and Jose worked hard setting up camp, tents with our thermorests were always ready when we came into camp. Hot water for washing was available morning and afternoon and greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for everything you did. Everyone agrees it was the best trek ever and we all want to come back.
Best regards, Rosalie

Anne & Her Parents / Santa Cruz

See our Peru treks pages for more trekking and hiking details or contact Anne for complete trek descriptions and prices to start your adventure of a lifetime!


We specialise in organising treks and day hikes for women and children. Either women travelling alone or groups of women, or families with children. Age is no barrier. We will suggest suitable itineraries to cater for all levels of fitness and abilities. We have ponies and horses available for children and adults.

Local Ladies Ishinca Valley (left) and Mountain Rock Band !! (right)

Enjoy the company of our women guides and young staff while taking in the majestic scenery of the valleys, mountains and lakes in the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash. Experience our local culture, learn about the history, have some adventure and enjoy hospitality Peruvian style.

Some of our women staff are:

Mayumi Morales (Huaraz, Peru)

Mayumi guides trekking trips, always with a great sense of humour and a lot of fun. Clients with Mayumi never stop laughing and many return to Huaraz to take a trek with her a second time.

She is also an excellent trek cook and is a very strong girl, and some of our male guides and staff have a hard time keeping up with her !!

When she is not guiding she is kept busy with her two children and is also studying English.







Anne Thomson (New Zealand)

Anne lives in New Zealand and is our family friend and business associate.

Her nickname in Peru is “La Bruja” which means “The Witch”. We call her The Witch because her hair always looks like it need combing!

Huaraz is the second home for Anne and she works with us in the trekking season guiding treks in the cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash.

Anne speaks Spanish and knows the Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash and many of the local people very well.

Anne is in Peru each year from July until mid September.






Vanessa Pagola (Huaraz , Peru)

Vanessa has recently completed a degree in tourism and in 2017 she worked with some of our trek and tour groups as assistant guide so she knows all the Cordillera Blanca trekking routes well.

Now she prefers to be an assistant guide so that she can spend more time chatting with people and showing them the areas where she has lived and worked all her life that she loves so much.

She has now joined with us full time as our administration manager and well be making sure that all your bookings are taken care of as well as helping you while you are in Huaraz and guiding some day hikes and treks.

Vanessa speaks basic English and is still studying, so she is looking forward to meeting you all and improving her English with you





Yovana Huane (Huaraz , Peru)

Yovana loves the outdoors, whether it is trekking, day hiking or rock climbing . She is an outgoing friendly young lady and greatly enjoys being with our clients, whether is it showing them around Huaraz or out trekking & hiking. Yovana speaks basic English.

Yovana completed a degree in tourism and in 2016, she travelled with some of our trekking groups as assistant guide so she knows all the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash trekking routes well.

Mayumi, Anne, Yovana & Vanessa are great friends and they enjoy working together and having fun with other women and families with children showing them what must be some of the most beautiful places in the world






See our Peru treks pages for more trekking and hiking details or contact Anne for complete trek descriptions and prices to start your adventure of a lifetime!


Experience the majesty of the Peru mountains & rich local culture with a combined tour & camping trip.

Enjoy the hospitality & warmth of our local guide, cook and crew while taking in the spectacular views from our comfortable camp.

These short tours are a great way to be able to enjoy some of the little “luxuries” while camping. Wonderful holidays for families with children and for those who enjoy mountain scenery and the outdoors but do not wish to be trekking or hiking.

Our camping trips and tours feature;

  • Delicious local food
  • Luxurious camp set up, quality tents, dining tent, tables & chairs
  • Top service & personal attention
  • Spectacular mountains
  • Rich & vibrant local culture

Luxury Camping and Dining with delicious local food!

Combine a Camping Tour in Huaraz with a tour to Cuzco & Machu Picchu. See our Cuzco & Machu Picchu Peru Treks page.

Inca Inti Raymi Sun Festival: Peru Camping Cultural Tour Holiday

3 day tour with camping in July

In July we have a special tour to coincide with the exciting and colourful Inti Raymi Inca Sun Festival held at Huanuco Viejo.

Huanuco Viejo was an important Inca settlement and was a major stopover point on the Inca route that runs from Cuzco through the north of Peru.

Some thousands of people lived there in a site covering several hundred hectares and substantial ruins still remain. You can see the remains of hundreds of village homes, the principal temple, quarters for the Inca’s court – women and soldiers, the Inca’s private quarters and thermal baths.

The festival is celebrated each year on 27 July, and involves some 600 dancers and actors dressed in traditional Inca costumes.

Inca Dancers & Court

The Inti Raymi was the most important festival in the Inca Empire to worship the Sun God, the Source of Life. Thanks are given for the year’s harvest and prayers made for good weather and harvests for the coming year.

The festival features musicians and groups of dancers that represent different Inca sectors dressed in distinctive clothing from their sector. Acllas or virgin women spread flowers before the Inca King as he makes his way to the main balcony accompanied by his queen and court all dressed in traditional costumes decorated with gold and singing spiritual rituals and worshipping.

Very few other agencies and tourists know about the Inti Raymi Festival in Huanucopampa and unlike the hectic and crowded Inti festival in Cuzco, we are likely to be the only tourists attending the Huanucopampa event. It is a unique opportunity to experience this cultural spectacular in the relaxed atmosphere with the company of local mountain people who come from all around, arriving on horses, hiking across the pampa from their distant homes or traveling from villages on local combi buses.

24 July (or before): Arrive Huaraz

25 July: Huaraz. Relax in Huaraz or take a local tour.

26 July: To the mountains! Drive in our private bus for approximately 6 hours from Huaraz to Huanuco Pampa 3736m. We travel towards the famous Cordillera Huayhuash mountains and during the journey we have impressive views of wide open pampa, snow capped mountains in the distance and vast deep valleys. After passing through the mountain town of Huanuco Viejo, we wind up a narrow mountain road for about an hour until we arrive at Huanuco Pampa. We set up camp near the Inca Ruins of Huanuco Viejo Ruins on a large open flat “pampa” and spend the afternoon visiting the ruins in the company of a knowledgeable local guide.

Guided Tour: The sun Gate Huanucopampa


27 July: In the morning local people start arriving and on the vast pampa they set up many different stalls and prepare traditional Peruvian meals to sell, the most popular being the “panchamanca” which is spiced meat, chicken & different varieties on Peruvian potatoes baked in a fire “earth oven”. We spend the morning wandering among the stalls and taking in the different activities & smells and maybe sampling some local delicacies. . In the afternoon we enjoy the spectacular sights, sounds & atmosphere of the colourful Inti Raymi Sun Festival. After the festival we enjoy a delicious 3 course dinner back at camp.

The Inca servants, The Inca Queen and The Inca

28 July: Return to Huaraz. Today is Peru Independence Day. Back in Huaraz people will be celebrating with colourful street parades, music and traditional costumes

Cordillera Blanca Tour & Camping Holiday

3 day tour with camping

For this tour we combine sightseeing, ruins and colourful markets with luxurious camping beneath some of the most spectacular mountains in the Cordillera Blanca.

Day 1: arrive Huaraz

Day 2: Huaraz. Relax in Huaraz or local tour.

Day 3: Our tour starts! First we travel on a new road to the pass Punta Callan at 4225m from where there are unequalled views of the peaks, glaciers and valleys of the Cordillera Blanca and a panorama of Huaraz down below us. On a clear day we can also see glimpses of the Pacific Ocean and the coast from the pass.

Cordillera Blanca and Huaraz from Pass Punta Callan

We then take a tour of the pre Inca Ruins of Wilkawain. The main temple is roofed with massive stone slabs and contains a system of ventilation ducts and we will marvel at how the ancient civilizations managed to so accurately construct buildings and list the massive stone slabs without the aid of modern technology.

After Wilkawain ruins we visit the memorial at Yungay. The town of Yungay was completely destroyed in the earthquake of 31 May 1970. The town and almost all it’s 20,000 inhabitants were buried in a massive avalanche coming off Huascaran.. The site is now a memorial to the thousands who perished with flower gardens and monuments.

Then we stop to take in the colour and noise of the busy and bustling local Caraz market and take a break with a picnic lunch in the cool and pretty Plaza Del Armas of Caraz.

Finally we enter the Huascaran National Park and make our camp at a beautiful flat meadow at Yuaracorral (3850m) near the shore of the famous Llanganuco lakes. From our campsite we have impressive close views of mountains towering over us, Huascaran, Chopicalqui, Huandoy and Pisco. We enjoy a delicious afternoon tea followed by a 5 star 3 course evening dinner.

Llangunuco Lakes

Day 4: Spend a relaxing day at Yuracorral. Take an easy hike around the Llanganuco Lakes or a short hike up the valley towards Laguna 69. If you are feeling energetic, you can take the 2 hour hike up a steep zig zag path to visit Laguna 69, a beautiful turquoise glacial lake tucked in at the base of Pisco mountain. Or relax in camp in the sun and read a book!

Day 5: After breakfast our vehicle takes us up the zig zag road to the top of the breath taking Portachuelo Pass at 4770m from where we have amazing views of the surrounding mountains and Llanganuco Lakes.

Portachuelo Pass

Then on the return to Huaraz you have the option of either:

* Take a short half hour hike up to a beautiful waterfall tumbling from the snowy peaks of Akilpo and Copa at Jancopampa


*Enjoy a relaxing swim in the thermal baths of Chancos

Contact Anne for details about a fantastic Peru camping holiday!


For those who would like to enjoy the majesty of the Peruvian Mountains and the atmosphere of trekking with our friendly local crews, but who may not wish to hike for several hours a day, we offer the option of horse trekking on some of our Peru Treks.

*Olleros to Chavin Trek 3 days – see our Cordillera Blanca Trekking Page
*Olleros to Carhuacanscha Trek 6 days – see our Cordillera Blanca Trekking Page
*Cordillera Huayhuash 8 Day Mini Trek – see our Cordillera Huayhuash Trekking Page

Horse Trekking in Peru is a great adventure for everyone, and especially families with children

Family Horse Trek Olleros to Chavin

Contact Anne for details about a fantastic Peru camping holiday!


Along with the Inca, Machu Picchu and Cerviche, Peru is famous for the cheeky and inquisitive Llama.

We offer the opportunity for a few days trekking with these cheeky animals – they will carry some light equipment and provide entertainment along the way with their large inquisitive eyes, curling eyelashes and naughty habits.

Great fun for anyone doing a short trek, and for families with children.

Peru Llama Treks are available for:

  • Olleros to Chavin Trek 3 days – see our Cordillera Blanca Trekking Page
  • Olleros to Carhuacanscha Trek 6 days – see our Cordillera Blanca Trekking Page

Peruvian Llamas – these gorgeous inquisitive creatures are great fun on a trek with kids

Contact Anne for details about for details about a fun family Peru trek with Llamas!


We specialise in organising trips for college and school groups of all ages with our teams of experienced guides, cooks, porters and donkey drivers.

Meeting Local Mountain Kids

The emphasis is on safety and we only use qualified and licensed guides and staff. We also ensure we have a high ratio of guides / assistant guides to clients.

Most of all we make sure YOU HAVE FUN !!

We will work with you to tailor make a program that is suitable for the age group and level of fitness of your students. We can advise on and design camping trips, treks, climbs or day tours and cultural tours for groups of students of all ages.


Anne, I just want to say again how much of a pleasure its been working through all these details with you.  This trip would certainly not have been possible without your helpfulness.  Your prompt responses are really appreciated and the information you provide us with is always thorough.
Thanks so much! – Matt

See our Peru treks pages for more trekking and hiking details or contact Anne for complete trek descriptions and prices to start your adventure of a lifetime!


Organised private trek groups

Are you:

  • Military?
    Hiking or Mountaineering Club?
    Outdoor or Adventure Club?
    Youth Group?
    An institute?
    50 plus walking group?
    Any other group organisation?

And looking for an adventure or a special trekking or climbing program in Peru? We also offer Mountain Rescue Training Programs.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements for an adventure in the Peruvian Andes.

We will work with you to tailor make a trip for your group.
We can suggest programs for:

  • Cultural tours
  • Camping trips
  • Treks from easy to demanding
  • Climbing trips and courses
  • Advanced climbing courses and rescue training

Fun in a Snow Cave (left) and Celebrating Tocllaraju Summit (right)


Interested in Flowers and Plants?? The rainy season finishes in the Cordillera Blanca in April, and from mid April to mid May we have spring conditions with fresh green grass and an abundance of flowers that are unique to the Peruvian Andes

Many of these plants have ancient medicinal uses and have been used by local people for thousands of years to treat various ailments and for many other practical purposes also
(such as treating leather).

We have guides who have special interest in plants and their traditional uses and who delight in sharing their knowledge with you.

An ideal trek to experience the unique beauty of Cordillera Blanca flora is the 5 day Santa Cruz Llanganuco Trek. There are lovely flowers & interesting medicinal plants to see all along the route, and we spend an extra day at stunning Taullipampa campsite so that we can have a relaxing day walking and searching for flowers in nearby valleys.
Departure dates from Huaraz for botanical treks are:

  • 21 April
  • 28 April
  • 5 May
  • 12 May
  • 19 May

Plus: any other trek or dates that you request

Contact us to organize a botanical interest Cordillera Blanca trek in May (or any other month – there are still interesting flowers and plants to see).


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